“The yacht furniture is spectacular. Everyone loved the pieces … all of them. I could not be happier.”

Larry Ellison

“Everything you do is just exquisite. I look forward to your next masterpiece.”

David Geffen

“Your creativity and workmanship are the best I have ever seen.”

Sandy Weill

“Every piece of your furniture is perfect, there is only one problem, it makes everything else in my home pale in comparison.”

Matthew Barrett, Chairman, Barclay’s Bank, London

"Wood is a natural material and you can never be entirely consistent, but the sunburst patterns they achieved in the poker tables are unbelievable."

Sander Sinot, Sinot Yacht Design

Welcome to Pollaro Yacht Furniture. Founded in 1988, we have been producing museum quality furniture for clients on 5 continents for over 25 years. All of our pieces are produced in our own workshop, allowing us unparalleled artistic control, and giving each piece of furniture a soul. We create our masterpieces by hand, without the use of computer controlled routers and lasers, which deprive the finished work of artistic integrity.

We are master craftsmen who work in wood, metal, lacquer, glass, leather, eggshell, hand painting and gilding. Our design and engineering team allow us to provide creative solutions to the most complex specifications. We encourage our clients to visit us to select their woods from our shelves which contain the largest collection of exotic woods in the world. With over 1 million square feet (93,000 square meters) of hand-selected veneer and 100,000 board-feet of exotic lumber, we have the ability to provide the finest woods with exceptional and rare grain patterns. Wood of this quality transforms craftsmanship into art. Our metal parts are engineered and hand machined for perfection in both fit and finish. We understand the discerning eye of our clientele and have gained their respect.

Our company has the financial strength to ensure the client and the shipbuilder of successful completion of projects, whether single piece commissions or 100+ piece commissions. We provide professional project management which guarantees proficiency and on-time deliveries.

All of these qualities allow Pollaro to deliver a unique experience to the client, providing pieces which are not only technically perfect, but artistically stunning.

I invite you to view our capabilities and learn about the unique qualities that make a Pollaro piece the finest in the world. And when you are in the New York area, please visit us for a tour of our workshop and wood collection. ~ Frank Pollaro

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